May 27, 2022

Oxymoron: Pro Choice Christian?

Dear United States Christian, Recently I posted something in support of being pro Roe v. Wade. And people weren’t happy about it. So unhappy, in fact, it resulted in me being fired from an organization in which I’ve served for 16 years. After all, how could I profess to be...

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March 30, 2022

Let’s Get Honest

Dear Christian, Can we just be honest with each other? No one has it all figured out. Objectively, I think we all know that. But do we truly believe that? We are all broken and scarred by life. No one makes it through unscathed. But I don’t think that applies...

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July 5, 2021


Dear Christian, I’ve written and re-written this welcome post so many times in order to try to convey what this blog means to me and what I hope to achieve by writing it. But every time, it comes out wrong.  Maybe a blog isn’t the best idea after all. But...

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